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Follow these tips to make the most from the 100 day challenge

Watch from a Desktop or Laptop Computer - For the best viewing experience, we highly recommend ensuring you're on a computer or laptop rather than mobile. Everything will work on mobile if that's what you have.
Start compiling your own notes/quotes!   This 100 day challenge is going to give you a jumpstart on creating your own, personalized resource to get your mind in "go mode". It's important that you write down things we share that stand out to you and also anything you come up with or read on your own.
Take 1-2 minutes each day to watch the videos we include - We understand everyone is busier than ever which is why our daily videos are max 2 minutes in length. Watch the videos for maximum benefit.
Read the Daily Email - In each daily email, we include the quote or idea along with a brief explanation. For the full explanation you'll want to watch the 1-2 minute videos. If you can't watch the video for some reason, you'll be able to come back at a later date for it. We'd strongly recommend not skipping any days by at least reading the emails.
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