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1: The 6 Stages / Phases of Any Membership Site

The six different stages of membership site growth created by the proven membership expert Micah Mitchell. 

2: What Fixed a Failed Membership Site Launch

The one critical thing Micah did to save his failed membership site launch and ultimately exceed his launch goal.

3: Insights, Tips, and Advice for Each Stage of Growth

Get Micah and Ben's unfiltered advise around each stage of membership site growth - gleaned from working in over 500 businesses.

You Will Learn to Avoid Several Common Mistakes of First Time Site Owners

These mistakes to avoid come from real world experience, too. You can still succeed without knowing these, but your journey will be much smoother and your chances of failure will be reduced if you avoid these common pitfalls.

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Micah Mitchell

Successful membership site owner, co-founder of Memberium, a leading membership site software for users of Keap and ActiveCampaign, internet marketing guru, and proven business growth expert with experience in running businesses with $1MM+ in annual revenue.

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